Child Bite / Burnt Offerings 2xLP (vinyl)

Child Bite / Burnt Offerings 2xLP (vinyl)

Child Bite "Burnt Offerings" Double LP
Rarities from 2010-2017

3 vinyl color options available! BLOB, SPLAT & WHEEL

• Each album hand assembled by Shawn Knight and Sean Clancy. "Lotsa love went into these puppies."
• Hand-printed holographic jackets
• Side D features etched artwork
• Includes Digital Download with 15 bonus tracks!

A1. The Will To Disappear 4:06
A2. Stag Thrall 4:27
A3. Gang Omega 3:10
A4. Sick & Subhuman 3:51
A5. Prowl 3:14
A6. Modern Torment 3:44

B1. Abstract Interior Putrefaction 4:36
B2. Feeding Tube Blues 5:40
B3. Stroke the Negative 5:04
B4. Carrion Tabernacle 5:10

C1. Throb Forever 2:29
C2. Corrosive Devotion 3:38
C3. As I Approach The Void 5:05
C4. Jerk Off Your Life 3:11