Child Bite / Burnt Offerings - 2-disc Rarities & Covers! (CD)

Child Bite / Burnt Offerings - 2-disc Rarities & Covers! (CD)

Burnt Offerings brand new double-disc digipak w/ fold-out 10"x20" poster insert. Over an hour and a half of rarities & covers!

"Hitting the sweet spot between hardcore, metal and Am-Rep-style noise-rock-isms... genuinely interesting and bizarre..."
Revolver Magazine

“…crucial for collectors and noise rock diehards…”
Decibel Magazine

“Child Bite tap into this primal feeling of wonder each time they play by producing music that’s genre-defying and takes listeners on a different sonic journey with each new track.”
Rock And Roll Fables

“For fans, this may be one of the most engrossing looks at the Detroit heavy hitters to date.”
Nine Circles

"All in all, an absolutely killer selection of material from one of the coolest, more interesting bands around at this point in time."
Rock Shock Pop

1. The Will To Disappear
2. Stag Thrall
3. Gang Omega
4. Sick & Subhuman
5. Prowl
6. Modern Torment
7. Abstract Interior Putrefaction
8. Feeding Tube Blues
9. Stroke the Negative
10. Carrion Tabernacle
11. Throb Forever
12. Corrosive Devotion
13. As I Approach The Void
14. Jerk Off Your Life

1. My War
2. Police Truck
3. Earth A.D. / We Bite
4. I Against I / Jam
5. Guilty of Being White / It Follows
6. Hey!
7. Don't
8. Unbridled
9. Siege*
10. Morrisey*
11. Chump Change*
12. Radio Hit*
13. Song #5*
14. The Usurper*

* featuring Phil Anselmo