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Child Bite "Negative Noise" New Album! (vinyl)


The latest Child Bite album, Negative Noise, on vinyl.

1. Death Before Dementia 01:45
2. Paralytic Phantasm 03:33
3. Euphoria Saturation Point 02:59
4. Born A Hog 02:49
5. Video Blood 03:39
6. Apex Of Anxiety 05:54
7. Vermin Mentality 02:41
8. Beyond The Dirt 06:58
9. The Great Ego Flood 04:08
10. Into The Disease 02:47
11. Heretic Generation 05:42
12. Feed Me Septic Dreams 03:26

Negative Noise is a solid 47 minutes of just that; a throbbing ball of energy filled with furious jabs and paranoia-fueled explosions. As a producer, the project called for Anselmo to tap into a wide variety of his personal musical interests, from Portal to the Misfits to Alice In Chains.

Negative Noise was name #33 in Decibel Magazine's Top 40 Albums of 2016. A music video starring Bill Moseley (Texas Chiansaw Massacre Pt.2, The Devils Rejects) was produced for the song "Vermin Mentality."